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James Bubba Cromer
c/o Cromer Law Offices
p.o. box 50624
Columbia, S.C. 29250
best to call 8am-2pm EST
email :

Bubba’s Porch
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NOTABLE QUOTABLES for The Hills Have Thighs:

"Bubba Cromer, has written and produced...

a screenplay that seems to have been lifted right out of the Flannery O'Cannor canon. Like O'Conner's characters, the people who inhabit the world of "The Hills Have Thighs" are disfigured physically and metally, and we love them because their exaggerated flaws resonate with the troubles embedded in our own souls. Audiences will laugh uproariously and shake their heads in wonder at this play. Cromer is a genius at dark comedy -- the kind which makes us wince at our own foibles."

John Mark Sibley-Jones, Ph.D.
South Carolina Honors College (Columbia, SC)
Author of Award Winning Novel, A Rubble of Stone

"The retarded lovechild of John Waters & David Lynch... Kill it, PLEASE!"

Gary Meyer
The Hampton Hills Review (Greenwich, Connecticut)

"It's in-your-face, over-the-top,...

cringingly unleashed exploitation of every stereotype ever imagined, but that's what makes this movie so much fun... and funny."

Gayle McCarthy
Hipster Travel Guide Magazine (Savannah, Georgia)

"Two Legs Up!"

Robin Rothwell
The Topanga Tattler (Woodland Hills, CA)

"Cromer's artful juxtaposition...

of Jean Nate' and Preparation X is evocative of the cinematic poetry of Ingmar Bergman!!! No camera ever treated cellulite with such loving reverence... and that's just the opening scene!"

Steven Douglas, Editor
The Southern Dowager (Jacksonville, FL)

"Stick to your ribs funny too, so DONT'T MISS IT!!!

Yep, this is a seriously provocative film revealing a slice of piety most Yanks haven't tasted yet. Garnished with savory gams served with all the intrigue and debauchery one would expect to be served. A flaky crust filled with all the flavor that smacks of hometown southern cooking. "

Gnostic Ninja Reviews
Eel Pie Island, London England

New York International Film and Video Festival

Official Selection &Winner of Best Cult Feature and Audience Award Cult Classic.

Peachtree Village International Film Festival

Official Selection & WINNER of Best Southern Comedy in the 2009 Peachtree Village International Film Festival

Southern Appalachian International Independent Film Festival

Official Selection, Nominated for Best Supporting Actress & Finalist for Audience Choice Award

Skyfest International Film Festival

Official Selection and WINNER of Best Feature Film 2nd Place, 2009 Skyfest International Film Festival of Asheville, NC

The Indie Grits Film Festival

Official Selection to kick off the 2009 Indie Grits Film Festival

IndieFRINGE Film Festival

Official Selection of the 2009 Indianapolis IndieFringe Film Festival

B-Movie Film Festival

Official Selection of the 2009 B-Movie Film Festival
Look what others are saying about our Whacky Hit Comedy...
The Greater Park Circle Film Society will host former State Representative James “Bubba” Cromer, in the world premier of the director’s cut "The Hills Have Thighs" on Saturday, April 4. MPC Caught up with the former state representative turned filmmaker to chat about his upcoming visit.

This is Mr. Cromer’s second full-length film. His first film, “The Long Way Home: Big Foot Story,” earned seven awards, including Best Feature Narrative at the New York International Film and Video Festival in 2007. Cromer says his first film was “a piece of my heart, but the second film is part of my warped mind.”

Cromer fashions himself as a southern John Waters’ style director. “I want to complement him but not emulate him.” The 44-year-old adds that Waters, now his friend, “challenged me to do that.” The Director’s Cut of “The Hills Have Thighs” is a much tighter but no less campy version of its first release from last year. “I am going to be on eggshells to see the audience reaction” this Saturday. After each film, Mr. Cromer will respond briefly to audience questions and comments before autographing copies of the new DVD version along with posters, t-shirts, and the like.

"Bubba," as he is known to his friends in and out of the State Legislature, never dreamed of being a filmmaker--practicing law was really the family business. He earned his law degree from Clemson and served in the State Assembly for eight years in the 1990s. Cromer currently is the House Reader.

Working at the State House or on a film set, says Cromer, require some similar skills. "You have to be able to laugh at yourself and be able to share that laughter with others," he observes. Cordell Maddox of Anderson, a former legislator who served alongside Cromer, told the Anderson Independent : "This creative animal has been trapped in a lawyer/legislator body all these years." Maddox adds, “And now that it’s out, I’m sort of concerned for humanity.”

“The Hills Have Thighs” is an irreverent film set in the South as narrated by the lead character Drip Drywall—an Appalachian version of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. He investigates the disappearance of “local hillbilly” Daniel Boone Owen, who vanished after a corn liquor-induced stupor. Spanning Upper Pickens County, South Carolina and lower Transylvania County, North Carolina. There are other colorful, larger than life characters, including: Drip’s mother who lives with him at a cat shelter known as “Pussy Heaven;” an Obama-obsessed Limousine Liberal from California named Tree-Tree, who has a penchant for Mammy Dolls and sees nothing wrong with her extensive collection of Negrobelia; and a colorful variety of big-boned ladies with even larger attitudes.
Opening Scene (without credits)
Moonlight Sonata, Mona Lisa & Marshmallow Fluff!!!
Albeit a comedy, The Hills Have Thighs produced cinematic moments where I could only score it, and let the videography speak for itself. Many thanks to Aaron Johnson & Josh Rose who shot this film! Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for your support,
Bubba Cromer, Director of The Hills Have Thighs: An Appalachian Comedy
Homosexual Hillbillies eat Skittles N' Grits???
Breakfast of Champions??? Hardly. However, leave it to Limousine Liberal Tree Tree Davenport to feed her captive groundskeepers a diet of Skittles & Grits. In her warped, twisted mind, this self-righteous San Diegan transplant actually thinks Skittles and Grits is an appropriate diet for Hillbilly Homosexuals in Appalachia. God has she got a lot to learn. Please enjoy and be sure and order your Campy DVD today so you can laugh your way into 2009 with the rest of us inhabitants of the Island of Misfit Toys!
Jewish Jersey Mom
Please enjoy this excerpt from The Hills Have Thighs. My Dear friend and "Jewish Mom", Faye Goldberg Miller literally EXPLODED before my eyes making this scene one of my very favorites ever in my somewhat limited Directing Career of 2 Feature Films (in 3 years, mind you!)