The Long Way Home A Bigfoot Story

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Down-and-out former MIAMI HERALD reporer d.j. galloway finds himself facedown at his favorite watering hole in Southbeach when, out of nowhere, flashing across the t.v. is a breaking story about bigfoot sightings in d.j.'s hometown of Indian Camp Mountain, N.C. In a moment of clarity, d.j. decides to pack it up, move home and report this story in an effort to resurrect his career, re-connect with his roots and potentially reveal the greatest news story ever. this full-legnth feature has it all: a bigfoot, of course, but also a character named "cornbread", a snake handler, a drag queen, hundreds of dead chickens, and real salt of the earth, southern locals who add a unique, gritty charm to a film you will be hard pressed to forget.
The Long Way Home A Bigfoot Story
The Long Way Home A Bigfoot Story (2006) Written, Produced and Directed by James Bubba Cromer

This Docu-Drama was fortunate enough to receive the following Prestigious Honors:

  • Best Narrative Feature at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival (2006)
  • Best Mockumentary and Best Supporting Actor at the Charlotte Cackalacky Film Festival (2008)
  • Golden Reel recipient for Innovative Filmmaking, Agency Films, Asheville Film Festival (2007)
  • Top billing at the Historical Imperial Theatre, First Take Film Festival, Augusta, Georgia (2008)
  • Peoples Choice Award at the Indie Grits Film Festival in Columbia, South Carolina (2007)

not to mention numerous successful screenings across the country, including being selected as the feature film for the North Carolina Pride Week in Raleigh-Durham in 2007

Most-Recent Critical Review of TLWH:ABFS (7/6/09)

 The Long Way Home: A Bigfoot StoryThe no-budget comedy The Long Way Home: A Bigfoot Comedy (2007), set in the mountain wilderness of North Carolina, is hands-down brilliant.

With something of a documentary tone, the look of the film is cheap as all hell, & yet every hick performance is wholeheartedly convincing.

Incredibly I've seen reviews that tore this film to shreds. Ordinarily I'd say such things are a matter of taste, but really, for once, it seems like some people just didn't get it, & found the "home made" cinema verite approach to microbudget comedy somehow inaccessible.

As a comedy this is so pokerfaced & sincere that I've seen it called a thriller. And if anyone really thought they were supposed to respond to this film as action-adventure, thriller, or horror, they'll be just so disappointed.

But anyone with admiration for truly off-the-beaten-track independent cinema will delight in this films subtly bizarre nuttiness.

The Long Way Home: A Bigfoot StoryRight from the hysterical opening when a fat old lady is screaming, "Romaine! Romaine! Somethings got the chickens!" I'm unable to suppress giggles.

A Miami newspaper reporter pursues the truth behind bigfoot sightings in a series of interviews with wackier & wackier believers, nonbelievers, & witnesses, who are always just an inch shy of over-the-top so that the humor never passes from real human comedy into outright parody.

When the reporter begins to "believe" & starts a descent into disappointment & bitterness that his life & career suck, his quest for a highly individual truth becomes a twisted sort of internal heroism.

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